Monday, May 25, 2015

Climate Change and the Government

Ted Cruz is a Senator from Texas and a 2016 presidential candidate. Recently he has been in the news for dodging questions regarding climate change. 

Recently after the floods in Texas he was asked if he believe the floods were caused by climate 
change. He responded, “At a time of tragedy, I think it’s wrong to try to politicize a natural disaster". 

I think that this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Some politicians don't want to tie climate change with politics, and some don't even believe in climate change. But the problem is that climate change cannot be ignored. Natural disasters caused by climate change can have impacts on the residents of a state and it's important for politicians to acknowledge these impacts. 

Not only that, but climate change can only be stopped by governments and politicians taking action. Only governments have the power to tax and regulate companies like BP, Exxon Mobile, etc. This is important in stopping climate change. The problem lies with politicians who not only refuse to believe the existence of climate change, but also ignore the scientists telling and showing them the causes and effects of climate change.

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